Leather Wytch

A Beautiful World Where Magic and Leather Meet.

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The Leather Wytch has been a leather wytch since childhood. Her love of leather, the feel and smell of it has enticed her to try new and exciting things with it, she is a Master Leather Craftsman. Working in the following leathers: Vegan, Lambskin, Cowhide Pigskin and Fish. This includes pigskin  leather that can be worn in the water

Everything from western to steampunk and everything in-between can be done and this means fetish wear also. 

We also do leather, jewelry, chainmaille, Viking weave, and other jewelry, made with hand carved bone or stone pendants.

All leather and jewelry is handmade. All tooled items such as belts, wallets, purses, quivery, wrist bands etc., are totally hand tooled. This means that there are no dies and machinery involved in the tooling and painting of these items.

We custom make items and encourage you to contact us from our contact page. Have something made just for you, someone you love or a special commemorative piece, or something for a special occasion.

Everything is constructed with love, care, and precision.




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